Actionable website audits recorded on video

Over-the-shoulder video audit of your website, with actionable tips, first impressions, and technical improvements to help you reach your customers!

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What’s in it for you?

The “sniff test”

Over-the-shoulder audit of your most important pages

This is what I call the “sniff test”. What are my first thoughts when I land on your website? How do I – as a new visitor – perceive your most important pages? What are things you can change in order to improve this experience?
Conversion optimization

Improving your core conversion funnel

Every page on your website serves a purpose, and your landing pages are the most important to your business. Can these pages be improved in order to improve your conversions? I’ve tested dozens of offers, CTA’s, and headlines over the years, and subtle changes can make a world of difference.
Technical hygiene

Crawling for the technical issues that can slip through the cracks

Nobody likes to worry about the technical side of your website. HTML, canonicals, render-blocking JS, these are things you don’t want to spend time on. Not all issues require attention, but big issues can limit your performance. I crawl every website and will flag big issues that will pop up.
Opportunities for growth

What are the biggest opportunities for growth?

Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all you need to find your next big idea. With every audit, I will brainstorm ways in which you can reach your goals, whether that’s a new type of content, product optimizations, or totally new channels.

Super simple

A good review can be worth thousands

You spend hundreds of hours on your website. It’s your baby. An outside opinion can help you improve areas that you always thought were “just okay”.

Your homepage. Customer funnels. Your about page. These pages are your online business card. Your customers make their decisions based on these pages. They need to be the best.

Video audit



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Full audit


A full technical deep dive. I’ll find the things that are holding you back. Ranked from top to bottom based on the impact on your business.

Within 4 weeks, receive an in-depth report with improvements, opportunities and tips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these carefully before ordering!

When will I receive the audit?

As soon as possible, but definitely within 5 days. If, for some reason, I cannot deliver within this time, I’ll let you know (and I’ll have a good reason!)

What are sites that you don’t audit?

In order for me to audit your website, it must be in a language I can read. That’s English and Dutch. If your website is not written in either of those languages, I won’t be able to deliver on my promises.

Can I ask you about a specific area of the website?

Yes. After completing the payment, you can leave a comment next to your website. Please note that my remarks will have to fit within the 20-minute length of the video.

Are you outsourcing any of these audits?

No! I’ll be recording myself as I audit your website. That means you’ll be hearing and seeing me. 🙂

Can I hire you to help me implement your recommendations?

Generally, I don’t have enough time to take on this kind of long-term commitment. But, if you want to discuss this in more detail, you can always send me an email.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, but please respect both of our time and don’t abuse this. 🙂

About me

I love building digital brands. You will often find me deep inside a Google Spreadsheet (with Apps Scripts, of course!). Or you can see me applying the finishing touches on content before it goes live. Some of the brands I’m currently working on are Tracking Happiness and Endless Roadtrip.

do a lot of things, but my main area of interest is creating scaleable content strategies that deliver results for you and your followers.

Which leads to results like these:

The thing about SEO, content marketing, email marketing and CRO is…

People like to make things complicated, whereas I like to keep things stupid simple. In the end, it’s all about helping people. Give them enough value, and they won’t bother if you ask them for something in return.

This is what I’ve been doing for years with one of my brands: Tracking Happiness. It has turned into a flagship brand with a lean team of writers, a well-oiled content machine and over 15,000 engaged email subscribers.

By providing good content and value upfront, people are more likely to turn into email subscribers. And once you’ve got this process working, you can scale it.

But a lot of people miss these crucial steps:

  • Build trust with your readers.
  • Create content that adds value.
  • Dare to be authentic and personal.
  • Don’t publish more of the same. Quality over quantity.
  • Make it look great.

Most people skip this because it’s hard and takes time. But in today’s online landscape, you can’t afford to aim for “good enough”.

This is where I get my energy: creating scaleable content strategies that deliver results for you and your followers.

Still have more questions?

That’s alright. You can always send me an email or hit me up on socials and get in touch!
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